Special Edition = SUÌ SELECTION

Nature’s endless inspiration, traditional wood craftsmanship, and contemporary shapes. This is the combination that marks the SELECTION collection (see Lookbook). The pieces are made differently and they will make you shine. The new collection embodies pristine natural beauty in a high gloss.

Each bit of exceptional wood finds its organic form and the high gloss enhances the natural structure of the wood, its primeval warmth. We chose to let nature run its course and form its own timeless patterns and colours in this collection. So allow the natural hues to excite you; dark and honey brown, black, white…

Let SUÌ wooden necklaces mark this year’s fall and add a special note to your entire look. They make a statement on basic pieces. You can wear them every day with a blouse and a blazer, or spice up your little black dress for special occasions.

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