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SUÌ fine geometry jewellery is all about geometrical shapes, special wood textures, and balance of acrylic glass colours. Handcrafted collections are inspired by nature, architectural shapes, modern art, and music.


Geometric & Modern Jewellery for Independent Women

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This modern jewellery is designed for creative and independent women with a defined style who see beauty in minimalism. SUÌ brings out the best in your unique look, completes your outfit and accentuates your elegance with an urban touch. Each piece of jewellery is unique due to the special characteristic textures, straight lines, and patterns of the different types of carefully selected wood we use.
We care about the environment, which is why over 70 % of the materials we use, such as wood, paper, and the felt used for safe packaging, are natural. We produce minimal waste and make sure to recycle it.

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SUÌ Atelier

SUÌ fine geometry was founded by Slovenian designers Simona Korošec and Jakob Rožnik in June 2015 due to the need of the female part of the team for original, modern, and light jewellery, functioning as the finishing touch to black clothing. Our perception of the world is reflected in geometrical shapes and dichotomy between natural and artificial. Creations combine two seemingly incompatible materials – selected wood and acrylic glass. We see geometry as the basis for all life forms that can be seen everywhere around us. It is hidden in humans, animals, planets, architecture, etc.

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SUÌ fine geometry

Simona Korošec s.p.
Slovenia – Europe
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