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Wings for Life Necklace

Wings are not only for birds, they are also for minds. We all need one extra pair of wings so we don’t forget to fly and don’t let ourselves get caught. We can be free. We’ve got this – extra pair of wings necklace for you in a variety of acrylic glass’s colours with the rare and exceptional variegated Indonesian Makassar ebony. Necklace has a ribbed surface because it is made by milling and thus further emphasizes the structure of the wings.
Measurements: 5 x 2 cm; with 50 cm chain
Material: sophisticated wood, acrylic glass; unwelded black iron curb chain or lead-free black brass chain; stainless steel silver colour chain;
Presented in a SUÌ gift box. This item is made to order and will be shipped in 2-3 working days.


Please note that due to the unique nature of wood the pattern may vary slightly from the product photo. If you would like this item in some other combination of wood and colour of acrylic, please contact us for details.

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