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New SUI jewellery_earrings_Gold mirror sun_model
New SUI jewellery_earrings_Mirror gold sun1
New SUI jewellery_earrings_Rosegold mirror sun1

No. 9 Sun Hoops

Brighten up your day with these sunny hoops! We promise you they will become your perfect everyday piece to bring a little bit of sunshine to your outfit. You can choose between gold or rose gold option with hand-inked surface illustration.

Measurements: 2.5 cm diameter
Material: acrylic mirror glass; stainless steel hoops coated with 18K gold
Presented in a SUÌ gift box. This item is made to order and will be shipped in 2-3 working days.


If you would like this item in some other colour of acrylic glass or in other colours of hoops, please contact us for details.

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