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New SUI jewellery_earrings_Rose sunset_model
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New SUI jewellery_earrings_Rosegold sunrise1
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New SUI jewellery_earrings_Bronzeblack sunrise1

No. 9 Moon II Hoops

It’s time to put this pair of special moons earrings on your jewellery shelf. Simple but effective shape of hoops earrings will be perfect combination to any style – only sky is the limit. Among the range of colours, you will be able to find your pair with ease.

Measurements: 2.5 x 1.5 cm
Material: acrylic glass; stainless steel hoops (silver or rainbow colours) or stainless steel hoops coated with 18K gold (gold colour)
Presented in a SUÌ gift box. This item is made to order and will be shipped in 2-3 working days.


If you would like this item in some other colour of acrylic glass or in other colours of hoops, please contact us for details.

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