The New VEA Collection = A Tribute to Graffiti

Bold colours, an outstanding intertwinement of oval and straight lines for summer refreshment

We’ve celebrated the beginning of summer by launching our new VEA collection (see Lookbook). The pieces will be an indispensable fashion accessory during the summer months ahead. This time the collection was inspired‒excited actually‒by street art, especially by graffiti, which we most frequently see on walls and other surfaces in an urban environment.

As a result, the new collection chooses bold colour expression, it maintains the recognisable geometric style, but it’s the most daring in comparison to the previous collections. Its four distinct design sections will energize an urban fashion style and help bring out your boldness.

One could almost say graffiti belong to a world outside the sphere of art. They’re closer to visual culture, media images, street fashion and the digital realm. They are like voyagers that reinforce the awareness of various possibilities to traverse the border between high and low art, and open new spaces for political questions that social groups and phenomena pose.

They’re more than just a pretty picture and there is often a hidden message they carry with them, trying to shed some light on it. That’s how graffiti help shape and build our surroundings, they’re like DNA of a city, of a street …

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