The human heart likes a little disorder

The human heart likes a little disorder in its geometry (L. de Bernières)

We are SUÌ, two creative souls, fine geometry enthusiasts and designers of contemporary handmade jewellery, Simona & Jakob, who immensely love creating, using different materials and techniques. We’re connoisseurs of clean lines, contemporary art, architecture, music, everything beautiful, and nature, of course. These are the things that provide us with inspiration for the collections, which you can browse on this website.

The creative process that brought to life a jewellery brand, stemmed from Simona’s need for original, contemporary, geometrical, and light jewellery that would add the finishing touch to a predominantly black wardrobe. As some of our close friends, and later a wider circle of people reacted enthusiastically, we saw there was a market for this type of adornment.

Why geometry? Because it’s everywhere around us. Everything is based on geometry; it’s hidden in a person, in animals, plants, planets, crystals that water forms, architecture … All of these forms can be traced back to basic shapes, such as a circle, square, hexagon, and deep within we have always recognised the feeling of love and affection toward the candor of clean lines, and patterns. We could say that geometrical shapes and the dichotomy between natural and artificial draws a map of our understanding and sensory perception of the world.

We fell in love with wood some time later, but our admiration and excitement is still present. We came to know selected exotic wood through our exploration of different sorts of this material, and its characteristic textures, straight lines, and patterns made it part of our essential idea. Wood is a wonderful medium and its use is an environmentally friendly act. What gives our jewellery its novelty and character, was achieved by combining wood with a seemingly incompatible material‒acrylic glass, a cool and artificial balance to the natural wood that exudes warmth.

Our jewellery is designed for a creative and independent woman with a defined style who finds beauty in minimalism. SUÌ is supposed help make the most of her distinct style, and accentuate her sophisticated elegance with an urban feel.

So, welcome to our world. We wish you a pleasant exploration.

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